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Arab Knesset member in denial – 'no Muslim gays'

“I have never had to participate in such a discussion, because in Muslim society we don’t have this problem.”
— MK Ibrahim Sarsur, claiming there’s not such thing as a gay Muslim

And that’s why, he says, there would be no problems quashing deviance like a World Pride Parade in Jerusalem. Right.

This occurred at a Knesset Internal Affairs Committee. When he uttered the above nonsense, the room erupted in laughter.

Sarsur told participants, including members of the gay community, “I respect all those present here, despite significant disagreements. As Muslims, we are obligated to religious law and it (homosexuality) is an unacceptable and condemned phenomenon, which should not be given any opportunities. Every person has the right to do as he wishes as long as he does it in his own home.”

…The heated debate started in the hallways, even before participants entered the meeting hall.

“Jerusalem is not yours. I will do anything I want in my house. We didn’t come to have sex in the streets or run around the streets of Jerusalem in pink underwear. We are having the march so people know we have equal rights,” a representative of the parade said. Opponents of the march hurled at him: “You won’t desecrate Jerusalem.”

MK Yitzhak Levy opened the discussion by presenting a public opinion poll he commissioned last week, which revealed the following data: Among secular Jews, 63 percent oppose the parade; 81 percent of conservative Jews are opposed, 99 percent of National Religious are opposed; 100 percent of Orthodox are opposed; and 92 percent of Arab Muslims and Christians are opposed.

MK Shelly Yechimovich (Labor) said that the poll just proves the parade needs to take place in Jerusalem. “Majorities never need to hold protest marches, the Israeli elites don’t need to march in protest. But women, Arabs, Orthodox, and disadvantaged populations do need to march. This community’s struggle isn’t about sexual orientation. It is a political struggle for legitimization,” Yechimovich said.

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