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The Gang of 14 still hangs together.  Once again they collectively flip the bird to the Democratic party:

"I will support Joe Lieberman for the primary and beyond the primary," Salazar said Wednesday. "I appreciate his strong stance of independence. We need more senators like Joe Lieberman."

Salazar plans to campaign with Lieberman in Connecticut on July 30.

Salazar and Lieberman both were part of a bipartisan "gang of 14" senators who played a role in ending the flap over judicial filibusters, and they’ve formed another "gang" focused on ways of promoting energy independence.

If there is another vacancy on the Supreme Court during the next two years of the seemingly never-ending Bush Junta, we’ll be in Alito-ville again, courtesy of Ken Salazar.  These guys have no idea what they’ve done to this country and they don’t care.  They think of themselves as courageous independents when they’re really just hand jobbing the bullies.  Salazar’s just scared that Dobson’s going to show up at his ice cream stand again, he’ll always wave through his fundie freak judges.  What does he care?

He just doesn’t want to be the only one.

Note in calendar…July 30…Mr. Softee comes to town…

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