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Louisiana UMC delegates reject homobigoted petition

“What other sins then don’t have to be repented of for membership? You know, if someone’s in an adulterous relationship [or] unrepentant about having a lifestyle of lying or thievery or whatever — where are you going to draw that line?”
— pastor Woody Hingle, shocked that his proposal was slapped down by Louisiana UMC delegates

I think it’s time for a tiny violin…(AgapePress):

The petition submitted by New Orleans pastor Dr. Woody Hingle would have affirmed that “local church membership in the United Methodist Church is open to all persons and requires repentance of sin, which includes racism, heterosexual sexual relations outside the marriage bond, and the practice of homosexuality.” However, the measure was overwhelmingly rejected by delegates from the Louisiana UMC Annual Conference.

Hingle believes the petition failed because United Methodist delegates were uneasy about declaring that homosexuality is “incompatible with Christian teaching.” But if they balked at that, he wonders what other biblical standards will be called into question.

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…”We have this statement in the Book of Discipline from General Conference, that the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching,” Hingle points out. But to the delegates at the Louisiana UMC gathering, he notes, “it is as though those authorities didn’t matter.”

Apparently, what mattered to the delegates instead, the New Orleans pastor asserts, was their own experience and reasoning. It is the idea that “those authorities trump scripture and what we have in our Discipline that concerns me,” he says.

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