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Lieberman in the Pocket

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RJ Eskow has a very good piece on how Lieberman is attempting to save himself by hanging the Democrats out to dry, specifically with regard to characterizing Lamont supporters as motivated by "hate." (Lieberman told the NYT, "Once you start hating, you lose the ability to get anything done."  How very practical.)

Says RJ:

That’s the bizarre yet strangely persistent spin point these days: that Lamont’s grassroots-backed campaign reflects "hate," rather than a disagreement on beliefs and policies. Ask yourself: When Hubert Humphrey bravely faced down Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats at the 1948 Democratic Convention, rejecting their segregationist policies, was that "hate"- or a desire to support Democrats whose positions and values reflected his own?

It’s absurd, of course: it’s the democratic process, not "hate." But pundits and Republicans will be using Lieberman’s words, and the "hate" meme – which for all we know was invented at the RNC – to pound the Democrats non-stop between now and November.

Here’s another Lieberman gift to the GOP, from the same Times article:

He added later that when he disagreed with his party, it was on the basis of principles. "I think that saying ‘you’ve got to be with us for everything’ is the road to defeat for any political party," he said.

Again, this is rank nonsense. People usually vote based on principles. What Lieberman and his supporters are betraying with these remarks is a hatred for both Democrats and democracy. But, once more, he’s providing great material for the Republicans – in this case, that the Democrats ‘rigidly’ enforce doctrine.

Providing great material for the GOP is not a new habit with Joe. He’s been treating his own party and its leadership with undisguised contempt for years. His attacks on Clinton about the Lewinsky matter were easier to take as authentic moral outrage, before he spent five sanguine years co-existing with Republican corruption and prevarication.  (my emphasis)

RJ goes on to say that "if Lieberman’s re-elected as an independent, he’s showing every sign that he’ll turn Republican." I mean, does anybody have any doubt that this will be the way an egotistical, selfish churl like Lieberman would repay the Democrats who refuse to back him in his indy run?    Because I really have a hard time imagining that he will do anything else.

(graphic by Dave C.)

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