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LaBarbera: 'good is bad and bad is good'

The Illinois Family Institute leather queen unleashes another gem for your consumption. He’s currently smarting because his Illinois marriage petition effort has failed (therefore it won’t be on the ballot), so I guess he’s turning his attention to this story in Maryland. recently reported that Governor Robert Ehrlich appointed 47-year-old Judge Christopher Panos — who with his homosexual partner of 17 years is raising a young daughter — as special master to the Baltimore City Circuit Court Family Division. A week earlier Ehrlich fired Washington Transit Authority Board member Robert Smith who, during an appearance on a local TV show, described homosexuality as a “deviant” lifestyle.

Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Institute has been a longtime defender of traditional family values against the attacks of the homosexual agenda. He laments that the governor’s actions seem to reflect a culture that tends towards political correctness.

Governor Ehrlich fires a Catholic man who simply voices mainstream thought that homosexuality [behavior] is a deviant practice … and then the governor turns around and appoints a pro-homosexual judge for family court as if traditionalists are going to get a fair hearing in that court,” LaBarbera observes. “Political correctness is now coming down to the point where good people are getting harmed or getting fired in this rush to embrace homosexuality in our culture.”

And that culture, says the Illinois activist, is an “Isaiah 5:20 culture” where good is bad and bad is good.

“You have excellent groups — good groups like the Boy Scouts — that are being criminalized, and yet the liberals are trying to have the state grant full protection and celebration to sinful behavior, [to] homosexuality,” LaBarbera notes. “I mean, we’re at the point now where our kids are getting scholarships at colleges for being homosexuals.”


I forgot to post a link to this, but here are Petey’s pictures from Chicago Pride.

WARNING: OFFENSIVE PHOTOS. Here are about three dozen photos from Chicago’s 2006 “Gay Pride” parade, which included a float for Steamworks, a 24/7 bathhouse in the city’s “Boystown” neighborhood. “Gay” men go to Steamworks to have anonymous sex with other men. Is there any other parade that so blatantly celebrates perversion as this? Note the participation of Chicago’s major media, who have given up on objective reporting in favor of becoming cheerleaders for homosexuality.

You have to read his colorful captions. They are a scream. My favorite, under a picture of the governor:

Gov. Blagojevich works the crowd at Sunday’s bawdy “gay pride” parade in Chicago. It appears he has gotten quite good at keeping his Eastern Orthodox faith, which condemns homosexual practice, “in the closet.”

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