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Jewish family forced to move because of lawsuit over aggressive 'Christianity'

Several of you wrote in about this one. It’s heinous. Good coverage and commentary on the entire situation can be found at Bartholomew’s notes on religion and The Green Knight.

A short version: the Indian River School District (IRSD) school board in Sussex County, Delaware, opened its meetings with an invocation “in Jesus’ name.” A Jewish family objected, but asked only that it be changed to “God’s name”.

That didn’t go over well.

…hundreds of people showed up at the district’s August board meeting at Frankford Elementary School urging members to keep prayer in the school.

Many begged the school board not to take Jesus away from their children. Others read scriptures from the Bible citing instructions given by Jesus.

That’s insane. But it gets worse. The family, the Dobriches, through the ACLU, filed a lawsuit over this, and then the fun began. (Jews On First):

Classmates accused Alex Dobrich of “killing Christ” and he became fearful about wearing his yarmulke, the complaint recounts. He took it off whenever he saw a police officer, fearing that the officer might see it and pull over his mother’s car. When the family went grocery shopping, the complaint says, “Alexander would remove the pin holding his yarmulke on his head for fear that someone would grab it and rip out some of his hair.”

These are “Christians” defending their faith, mind you. And yes, it gets even more horrific. The Stop The ACLU organization, in its righteous zeal to put the Jews in their place did this (Jesus’ General):

It isn’t easy to run a Jewish family out of town in these politically correct times. Usually, they just hunker down, hiding behind antiquated interpretations of the Constitution and the good will of those who wrongly believe that non-Christians are entitled to all of the benefits of citizenship.

But this time, the family fled, and I think you deserve partial credit for making that happen. After all, you did publish their name, address, and phone number on your web site

Jesus, indeed. The Christofascism march continues.

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