The NYT is reporting that Joe Biden will bring his bleached teeth and hair transplants to Connecticut to campaign for Holy Joe (and that’s the last I want to hear about "outside interference" from Camp Lieberman).  He’ll be joined by fellow Alito-lover Ken Salazar, and sadly, Barbara Boxer:

Their goal is to reassure the party faithful of the three-term senator’s loyalty to Democratic causes, including women’s issues, labor and the environment.

"It will be a reminder to voters of the work he’s done on progressive issues," Lieberman spokeswoman Marion Steinfels said Wednesday. "Some of his colleagues wanted to come here and campaign for him on issues that matter to him and them."

If Boxer wants to come to Connecticut and spend some of her political capital on Rape Gurney Joe, she better bring a Brinks truck.  Because the last time I encountered Barbara Boxer talking about Lieberman, she was sadly misinformed. It was during Yearly Kos, and she was saying that opposition to Joe was "all about the war" and that on women’s issues, he was great.

The women of Connecticut don’t think so.  Before Boxer steps in the deep doo-doo Lieberman has created for himself with women in this state by his stance on Plan B and publicly funded Catholic hospitals, she might want to educate herself on his history.  I’ll quote the great Connecticut Bob here:

Lieberman said he believes hospitals that refuse to give contraceptives to rape victims for "principled reasons" shouldn’t be forced to do so.

"In Connecticut, it shouldn’t take more than a short ride to get to another hospital," he said.

Well Joe, that’s not very helpful. I mean, I know that you’ll never need emergency contraception at two o’clock in the morning after having been brutally raped. So I guess it’s easy for you to disregard any woman who is unlucky enough to have gone through that trauma.

I actually think this is great, because one of the big reasons I came to Connecticut was to counter the ridiculous notion that opposition to Lieberman was "all about the war."  Boxer stumping for Lieberman and saying how wonderful he is on women’s issues in a state where 78% of the population thinks that emergency contraception should be avaliable at Catholic hospitals (including 74% of Catholics) could be the perfect opportunity to telescope attention onto the issue.   Although I’d much rather be hammering the folically-challenged Ken Salazar or Joe Biden, you work with what you have. (Lieberman has also supported those creepy anti-choice state license plates.)

I got a chance to meet State Rep. Denise Merrill last night, who took the bold step of trying to restrict funding for hospitals that did not offer emergency contraception to rape victims (it was finally stripped out by Speaker of the House James Amman, who by coincidence pledged his undying love for Rape Gurney Joe today, as well as his support for an indy cut-and-run bid in November).  It was a bold move that brought the whole issue to a head, led to the creation of Connecticut Choice Voice (women supporting Ned and speaking out against Lieberman) and eventually resulted in the Connecticut heads of NARAL and Planned Parenthood bucking their national organizations and voting for Ned at the state convention.

It’s sad that an 18 year veteran has to bring in out-of-state ringers to convince the people of Connecticut that he’s worthy of the Democratic nomination (not that he cares anything about their opinion, mind you — if they reject him, his own personal Plan B is "fuck ’em all").  

Well I’m off to start calling the ladies of Connecticut Choice Voice, I’m sure they’ll be there when Boxer shows up to ask a few pointed questions.  And that will be me with the camcorder.

(graphic by Dark Black) 

Update:  Alice Marshall comes up with a new meaning for WATB:  "Whining About The Blogosphere." That may have to take a permanent place under the official definition.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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