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'A cancerous lump'

That’s what the Anglican Communion’s Church of Nigeria called progressive churches that support SSM and election of gay bishops. The battle is getting ugly, and a split looks inevitable. At this point, that seems A-OK, because the two factions will not see eye to eye on this one.

Rejecting a proposed “two-tier” Communion to accommodate the liberals, the Nigerian church said Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams should try to bring those churches back to orthodox Christianity rather than accommodate them.

…He suggested that after the US Episcopal Church (ECUSA) declined last month to repent for naming an openly gay bishop in 2003. Other churches, mainly in Africa, reject openly gay clergy as un-Biblical and condemn the ECUSA for acting unilaterally.

A cancerous lump in the body should be excised if it has defied every known cure,” the Church of Nigeria, second-largest Anglican province after the Church of England, said in a statement posted on its Web site. “To attempt to condition the whole body to accommodate it will lead to the avoidable death of the patient,” it said in a response to Williams.

Read Wayne Besen’s thoughtful piece on the mess, “Anglican Caste System.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding