Driving on the lawn
Sleeping on the roof
Drinking all the alcohol
All the kids from school
Will be naked in the pool
While our parents are on Fire Island

Son of a congressman? Check.
Drinking problem? Check.
Future presidential material? Wouldn’t be the first.

Newly elected Congressman Brian Bilbray (R-Lives at his moms house) calls for more enforcement at our borders and, by extension, less enforcement of underage drinking laws:

Rep. Brian Bilbray called Wednesday for increased immigration enforcement well beyond the border, but local law enforcement leaders said they could not take on a federal mandate to arrest suspected illegal immigrants.

Bilbray, R-Carlsbad, made his comments during a hearing held at the Border Patrol station here within site of the U.S.-Mexico border, one of several such sessions Republican leaders in the House of Representatives plan to hold around the country to focus more attention on the immigration issue.

Bilbray said the recent debates on illegal immigration show that not enough has been done to find and remove illegal immigrants.

“The United States has not been serious enough about our national sovereignty, defending our neighborhoods,” Bilbray said. “The problem is coming across the border and not being regulated under a mandate by our federal Constitution.”

This, of course, has nothing to with the problems in our neighborhoods where the children of certain congressmen are par-taying.

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