I’m going to have to go with:
Facts don’t mean shit to them.

Lost and can’t understand why

Michael Ledeen takes time out from inciting war against Iran (his daughter must need the work) to provide his take on soccer coverage:

In today’s “reportage” of the World Cup semifinal between Italy and Germany, the (lefty) Washington Post reported that the game-winning goal was scored on a left-footed kick, while the (righty) Washington Times reported it was scored on a right-footed kick. The Post account was correct, but don’t you find it mysteriously symbolic of something or other?

Sooooooo? C’mon. You can figure it out.

Oh nevermind.

He continues, although we wonder why after that exercise in obtuseness:

Also, for those, like Dr. Kissinger, who insist on seeing national character reflected in the style of play by national soccer teams, I am reminded that Italy always beats Germany in the World Cup, and they do it by demonstrating those qualities that are invariably (and mistakenly, I think) ascribed to Germans: discipline, patience, courage, tenacity, stamina.

And, lest we forget—and we always do—the Italians have fought bravely, tenaciously and patiently in Iraq, taking many losses and pressing forward nonetheless. I frankly haven’t noticed brave Germans out there, but no doubt it’s an oversight on my part.

I guess that those who insist on seeing national character reflected yadda yadda yadda would also point out that the US national team was eliminated early and ended up tied with Iran’s national team with identical numbers.

I hope that is factored into the war planning. It must mean something.


Speaking of soccer:

Six months after blowing out her ACL, and five moths after surgery, the lovely and talented Casey is back to playing…sort of. Two weeks ago she was cleared to start working out with a ball. This week she started practicing, but no contact. Next week she is at a college combine (picture from last year).

Here we go again…

This should be interesting…

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