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Late Nite FDL: Yes, We Have No House of Lords


Dear Senator Lieberman-

Hi!  Happy Independence Day!  I’ll bet you think that all of this fuss is for you, don’t you, since you’ve decided to declare your independence from the Democratic Party and all.  What a go-getter you are!  Why, pretty soon they’ll be calling you A Maverick!  Take that, John McCain!

I just have a quick question for you on this, our nation’s birthday, something that I’ve been thinking about since you made your announcement yesterday.

Why bother with a primary if you are taking steps now to ensure that you’re on the ballot in November? 

This, to me, seems to be paramount.  Monday, in an interview with John King of CNN,you said: 

…I want to give my fellow Democrats here in Connecticut the opportunity to affirm my service and accept the diversity that I am part of in this party.  If not, I am so deeply committed to the well-being of my state and so believe that I can do a better job than either my Republican or Democratic opponents, that I am going to give the final choice to all the voters in the state in November. 

Well, that’s mighty big of ya, Joe.  So!  Deeply!  Committed! to being the Senator from Connecticut that you’re going to run whether your constituents want you to or not!  It’s for their own goddamn good!  After all you’ve done for them!

This challenge to me is obviously a challenge
to my record of serving the state of Connecticut and the United States of America…

Oooooh, Joe!  Ya think?  How perspicacious of you!

…and it asks the voters of Connecticut to decide which one of
us, my challenger or I, could do a better job for them in the six years ahead.

But if those bitchez don’t come up with the right fucking answer, you’re going to give them another chance to Come to Joe-sus in November.  (Oops!  Can I say that?)  What a prince you are, Joe.  You’re all heart! 

But it also raises questions about what do we mean by political
parties?  And what kind of politics do we want to have?

Okay, now you’re edging into "definition of is" territory, Joe.  Put a sock in it.

A. Whitney Brown at Kos tells us the rest:

Lieberman To Keep Senate Seat Even If He Loses General Election

Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, who refused to give up his Senate seat while also running for the Vice Presidency in 2000, and who announced today that he will not give up his place on the November ballot should he lose in the Democratic primary on August 8, now says he has no intention of giving up his Senate seat even if he loses the general election.

"I don’t know why everyone places such a big emphasis on losing elections," the 3 term Senator told Fox News anchor Brit Hume.

"It’s just that kind of partisan bickering that we don’t need.  There are people who want to kill us, Brit, and we’ve got to continue to support this war or occupation or whatever they call it, because otherwise, our reputation will suffer."

Lieberman said he would stay on in the Senate regardless of the outcome of the election as a ‘petitioning Senator’. He took care to point out that most Democrats weren’t ‘strong enough’ to hold on to their seats after a loss, especially one as crushing as he is anticipating, but that he answered to a higher power.
"The President needs me, and I just think it would be counterproductive to set a timetable for leaving my office. Why should we let the terrorists know all the details of the inner workings of our highest deliberative body?" Lieberman asked, rhetorically.

He said he would continue to caucus with the Democrats and vote with the President. He also offered to be available to ‘break ties’.

"I’m not going to ‘cut and run’ just because some guy in Greenwich gets a few more votes than me. That’s just a number, anyway," quipped the former VP candidate.

  "It’s all I got. Please….", he added.

So, why have the primary?

From the Hartford Journal Inquirer :

Being a senator is like being a nobleman in the 16th century.  People  revere you.  They address you mostly by your title.  You never have to worry about paying a mortgage.  You don’t stand in lines.  You don’t wait for a table. You never have to Mapquest your way to a place you have never been. "Staff" take care of that stuff for you. Your whole life rides on a cloud of service and deference. It’s a good gig. But there is something untoward–something both cynical and sad–about Joe Lieberman’s insistence that he will hang on to his office no matter what.

Listen up, Joe.  We don’t have a House of Lords in this country.  You are not a lifetime appointee.  You are beholden to the will of the people of Connecticut.  So, run as a third party candidate and skip the primary, or abide by the results of the primary election.  It seems to me that you can’t have it both ways.  

Your schoolgirl crush on President Codpiece has led you astray from the "Cut and Run" Democrats, but it’s made you into a Cake and Eat it Republican.  I know you feel like you’re entitled to that Senate seat, but the fact is, you aren’t.

You have to abide by the will of your constituents.  That’s what makes us A DEMOCRACY.  That’s what all those fireworks and brass bands were about, today; that one man, one vote thing.  It’s one of the items enshrined in our Constitution.  It’s what our forefathers fought and died for, and it’s allegedly what our young men and women are fighting and dying for in Iraq, the right to be represented by officials we have elected.  Not monarchs.  Not members of a titled élite.  The candidate who gets the most votes.

I just wanted to take a moment to remind you of that. 


T. Rex, Esq. 

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