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Freeper: 'Move the United States out of San Francisco'

You have to read through this unhinged insanity by knuckledragger “EndWelfareToday” in Freeperland. Bear with this nonsense…we have a treat of a response to it.

Move the United States out of San Francisco
Self | 06/30/2006 | Self
Posted on 06/30/2006 4:13:00 PM PDT by EndWelfareToday

…Last weekend I was in San Francisco with two of my children when I noticed the massive amounts of congestion caused by a few loudmouthed, deviant perverts from the homosexual community. I had forgotten that this is their “Gay Pride” week and much to my chagrin and the embarrassment my sons experienced when those less modest sodomites gleefully strolled down the streets and sidewalks, I couldn’t help but wonder why this nation continues to support this corrupt, vial city with our tax dollars. I mean… all any normal human being need to convince him or herself of the need to pull out of San Francisco all together is the memory searing image of a sodomite with ungodly amounts of make up on walking down the street with his boyfriends in a see-through summer dress and a thong holding on to each boyfriend’s crotch while they fondled his a** and kissed his neck. I think my sons are scared for life. Haven’t these animals ever heard of reticence? The sites and sounds of last weekend have kept me awake every night since and I have to tell you, I can understand why some nations of the world don’t want anything to do with our country. They hear all about San Francisco and swear that they would rather die than let their city or country turn into another San Francisco. This is a city that spits in the faces of our military personnel. The flaunt their uncorroborated superiority over the rest of their state and the Union by electing and supporting a mayor that spits on the US Constitution and the California Constitution almost on a daily basis.

Oh I know. Many of you probably think I’m making this up, exaggerating or over reacting but I have to tell you, I haven’t even come close to describing what I saw in just one hour as I tried to get through the civic center of that city. Disgusting! I have to tell you and I have never been considered a stuffed shirt or a snob by anyone that knows me. It is one thing to see snippets of this event on the television but to be trapped in traffic as every form of decadent activity materializes around you is another. And to think that we pay for the military protection these perverts take for granted. Since when is the mayor of a city more powerful that the people of a state? Since when does a city mayor and his bed fellows have the power to make an entire nation pay for his programs and policies especially when those “progressive” policies are anti-American and stomp all over our Constitution?

He and his girly-men violate the Second Amendment by banning firearms. They give away billions of dollars to countless free-loadering indigents on the planet and WE have to pay for it.

Please forgive my inability to articulate my frustration in a clearer and more defined manner but hey… I haven’t really slept in a week.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to pullout of San Francisco. They think they have all the answers then I say great. Build a 100 foot wall around the city and shoot anyone that tries to escape back into the United States. After we remove all support and military protection from their hollowed presence there is to be NO escaping over or around the wall. Turn the other cheek I say. When the Islamic Jihad slips into their city and starts to rape, torture and murder all those idiots that let this perverted mayor disarm them I say that we keep our cheeks turned and let the Jihadist’s do their job. Then, when it’s time to exterminate the radical Muslims from our continent we can drop a little nuke on that city and treat it to the same treatment God treated Sodom to.

This is harsh I know. Please forgive me. The frustration is setting it.

Maybe we can just wall off the city and turn it into the country of San Francisco and let them be responsible for their own welfare systems, transportation, military and city maintenance or… Perhaps we can just sit back and let China annex San Francisco. We can watch and see how the real Marxists behave towards such open decadence. Remember Tiananmen Square? How long do you think it will be before the Chinese ship over a few thousand tanks and grease the tracks of those tanks with the blood of those sodomite dissenters and anti-military, anti-American, anti-God protestors?

Here is my thinking in a nut shell guys. The Vatican is a country unto itself. It has almost 1 billion Catholics that support it. They have their own security. They have their own military. They have their own hierarchy. And they have been around for thousands of years (almost two thousand to be exact.) They are a city and a country that lives peacefully within a much larger city and country and they have a wall that separates them from the others.

If San Francisco in all it’s arrogance believes that they are so right and so much better than we are; and they believe that the rest of us are here for their pleasure then why not? Why not build one hundred foot wall around their fine city and pull out all Federal and State support including our military? Let them fend for themselves? Tear down the Golden Gate Bridge and leave them no means back into the United States of America.

Hey! They honestly believe that 10% of the world’s population are homosexuals don’t they? Let that 10% support them the way the Catholic’s support the Vatican (Please don’t for a minute think that I am comparing San Franciscans to Catholics. I’m not.) Do you realize how much money California and the United States of America would save by building such a wall and seceding from the all powerful nation of San Francisco?

There’s no way I was going to respond to this when we have a Blender who is the perfect person to address the concerns of EndWelfareToday.

I sent this bleating on to Paul in SF of Paul’s Rants, and he had this to say… 🙂

Banish San Francisco from the Union?

Dear Sir,

I’m sorry to hear that our fine city didn’t live up to your expectations on your recent trip. As I understand it, you and your sons were caught up last Sunday in our Gay Pride Celebration, in as you so colorfully put it “…massive amounts of congestion caused by a few loudmouthed, deviant perverts from the homosexual community”.

Gee. Homosexuals in San Francisco. Who woulda thought?

Let me guess. A few would be OK. You could put up with a mincing guy with a lisp behind the counter of the world class hotel in which you and your family were staying, maybe even a bellhop who looked a “little light in the loafers”, but to stumble out of the lobby, bleary eyed, coffee yet to kick in, on a sunny Sunday morning to find “Gawd Almighty, hang on tight boys”, 750,000 grinning, waving, screeching dykes and fags. Must have been what David Duke would feel like if he had stumbled out of a Washington DC hotel into the middle of the Million Man March, eh?

I do understand and share your frustration with the traffic situation. It does get pretty hairy, especially on Sundays, when worshippers at many of the hundreds of churches we have here in our little 49 square mile city are allowed to double park on the streets nearby. Throw in a parade or celebration and traffic does slow to a crawl. Believe me, I know. We San Franciscians party at the drop of a hat. We have the Chinese New Year’s Parade, the St. Patrick’s day Parade, Veterans Day Parade, St. Francis Day Parade, The Blessing of the Fleet, the Blessing of the Pets, New Years Parade, Carnival, Cinqo de Mayo, Oh the list just goe
s on and on. You know us liberals. Everyone gets their day. Inclusive and all that.

I do have some encouraging news for you. You said that your sons, after wending their way through throngs of homosexuals were “scared for life”. Well, Sir, the fear of homosexuals is a known and treatable condition. It is called Homophobia. Children these days, unlike their fathers before them, no longer have to face a lifetime of shame and fear. If caught and treated early young people infected with this affliction can outgrow it and become healthy, well rounded adults. I am sure that you will be happy to receive this news.

As far as kicking us out of the United States. Please Brer Fox, not the Brier patch! Seriously. You are going to remove the burden of sending our tax dollars to support the middle states (yes, Dear, the flow of tax dollars does go from the coastal states to the middle states, despite what you may think or claim), remove from us the burden of Messrs Bush and Cheney, free us from the responsibility of paying not only for this failure we call “Operation Enduring Freedom” but from the burden of helping maintain the most expensive military in world history, this over bloated, life sucking killing industry, for which we pay more than the total military budget of all the rest of the world combined. – That’s right. If all the countries in the world joined together and pooled their weapons against us, we would still have more than they would. And we keep churning them out… Free us from an administration run amok, listening in to our phone calls, reading our email, poking through our credit card receipts and bank records. Oh no, Brer Fox.

Now when you talk about the second amendment and the city banning handguns in one’s own home, I admit that I have to agree with you. I and many of my friends have no intention of obeying that particular city ordinance.

But I am surprised that you are so supportive. Picture last weekend again, only this time imagine that when you stumbled out of the hotel that it was a crowd of 750,000 angry, well armed queers facing you. You really want to go there?

Anyway, you win. We lose. Please ask Congress to declare San Francisco independent from the United States of America. Let us know when your mission is accomplished. The sooner the better.

Oh. I think that you were misinformed about the spitting on the military. Many of us are former members of the US military. I, for example, am just one of thousands of gay Vietnam veterans. We certainly hold no disrespect for those who serve our country. We don’t spit on them. Although many of us have exchanged spit with those in uniform, and that may be where the confusion arises.

I certainly hope that while you were here last weekend you got done whatever it was that brought you to San Francisco. You see, once we gain control of our own borders the standards of who may or may not enter will be substantially higher than they are now.

If you are serious about building that wall, you all might want to reconsider your stand on illegal immigration and guest workers. – Think about it.

Finally, When planning your travels next June, you will want to avoid the following cities. This is just a partial list of places where you will find gay pride parades and celebrations:

Madison, Wisc
Allentown, PA
San Jose, CA
Oakland, CA
Atlanta, Ga
Columbus, OH
Olympia, WA
Houston, TX
Chicago, IL
Washington, DC
Seattle, WA
Minneapolis, MN
Conway, AR
Des Moines, IA
Oklahoma City, OK
Denver, CO
Wichita, KS
Boston, MA
Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN
Pittsburgh , PA
Westport, CT
Indianapolis, IN
Oklahoma City, OK
Los Altos, CA
Dayton, OH
Los Angeles, CA
West Hollywood, CA
Santa Monica, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
New Paltz, NY
Port Townsend, WA
Kansas City, MO
Santa Cruz, CA
Fresno, CA
Staten Island, NY
Portland, OR
Nashville, TN
San Antonia, TX
Amarillo, TX
Tulsa, OK
New Orleans, LA
Cincinnati, OH
Anchorage, AK
Bismarck, ND
Montgomery, AL
Cheyenne, WY
Boise, ID
Rockland, NY
Birmingham, AL
Miami, FL
Fairbanks, AK
Memphis, TN
St. Petersburg, FL
St. Augustine, FL

Most excellent! I have to add Durham, NC to the list — we are the host city of the statewide NCPride celebration, which will be on September 30 this year. I don’t expect to see EndWelfareToday around these parts, either.

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