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The dogs and I were having a lovely iced tea on a patio in New Haven this morning with Paul Bass when Tim Tagaris called and said that Lieberman was giving a press conference in an hour.  Tim swung by to pick us up and we all went tearing up to the state capital in Hartford at 90 mph.  We still weren’t exactly sure why — Lieberman’s people had started making last minute phone calls to reporters, telling them that it was important, and as one reporter noted, "this better not be about the affordability of higher education or I’m going to be pissed."

It’s been a wild couple of days.  Yesterday I had coffee with CTKeith and DeanFan84 who post at Dump Joe and My Left Nutmeg and got the whole history of the local blog scene and their advocacy for Lamont.  It was very inspirational and I’ll certainly be writing more about it later, but for now suffice to say that it’s an impressive model for promoting progressive candidates throughout the country — at the very least they’ve forced an 18 year incumbent and former Vice Presidential nominee out of the party.<%

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Jane Hamsher

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