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Meeting Ms. Julien

Your blogmistress, Ms. Julien, and her cute pooch Verdell.

We finally got the chance to get together with fellow B3 bloggrrrl Ms. Julien in Miami and her wonderful partner Alix today. We met up at a nice local coffeehouse, Bean Traders, here in Durham. It was no trouble at all to get into good rants about Diebold, Florida politics, and frustrations with Dem establishment in a short space of time. 🙂

We were supposed to meet yesterday, but they spent most of the day rolling slowly in horrid traffic on the interstate. They are on the way back to Miami. Safe travels home, gals!

Q of the day: how many of you with blog friends have met them in person?

I went back to think about who I’ve met so far…local bloggers include Chris Kromm of Facing South, coturnix and ae of arse poetica.

Outside of my area, I’ve met: Kathy of Birmingham Blues, Jill of Brilliant at Breakfast, Atrios, Spindentist (and some of the other All Spin Zoners), Jay of Lassiter Space, Mike Rogers of BlogActive / PageOneQ, David Byrne of The Raw Story…and Raw columnist Nancy Goldstein. I’ve talked to John Aravosis on the phone, but I’ve not met him.

I’m sure that I’ve left a few folks off. Still hoping to meet Shakes Sis some day, though the likelihood of swinging by Portage, IN is pretty remote. If I hit Chicago we can meet up (along with other Blenders in that area).

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