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Late Nite FDL: Deadlier Than the Male


("The female of the species is deadlier than the male…")

It has certainly been an interesting season for the female Republican pundits of America.   Harpy Queen Ann Coulter set the bar pretty low in early June when she came out shooting at the 9/11 widows, making her now infamous appearance on the Today Show to celebrate the release of blah de blah…

Not to be outdone, Michelle Malkin, who is, after all, Ann Coulter in cheaper shoes and Old Navy twin sets, responded to the suicides of three of the Guantanamo detainees with this charming statement:

MALKIN: And really, the reaction to the suicides should be, “Boo-freakin-hoo.”

And now we have a new aspirant the Sisterhood of the Bloodthirsty Shrew, Melanie Morgan, who called for the execution of New York Times editor Bill Keller on Hardball.

If he were to be tried and convicted of treason, yes, I would have no problem with him being sent to the gas chamber.

So, what gives?  Why the sudden uptick in murderous rhetoric from the distaff wing of the punditocracy?

I am reminded of the character Mary Anne Bell from the short story, "The Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong" from Tim O’Brien’s book of Vietnam stories, The Things They Carried.  Mary Anne was a sweet midwestern girl who was a soldier’s girlfriend.  He was able to have her sent to stay with him in Vietnam.  She came there and left him within a matter of weeks to fight with a band of Green Berets.

Rat continues: Mark waits outside the Green Beret’s camp. Rat cautions him against bothering the Green Berets. Then they hear Mary Anne singing in what sounds like a foreign language. Mark can’t wait anymore. He runs into the tent, and then everything is silent. Rat and another soldier follow him in. The tent is full of candles and has a strange tribal quality. But the most powerful thing is the smell: a mixture of incense and death. The head of a leopard sits on a post in the corner. There are bones everywhere. Mary Anne appears. Her eyes are dull, and though she wears the shorts and sweater she arrived from America in, she also wears a necklace of human tongues. She tells Mark that he doesn’t understand what Vietnam really is. She says, "When I’m out there at night, I feel close to my own body, I can feel my blood moving, my skin and my fingernails, everything, it’s like I’m full of electricity and I’m glowing in the dark–I’m on fire almost–I’m burning away to nothing–but it doesn’t matter because I know exactly where I am." Chapter 9, pg. 111 She does not even seem to be talking to him. Mark wants to help her, but Rat understands that she is beyond help.

Now Mary Anne is back in America and has changed her name to Barbara Comstock.

So, my question is this.  Are these women being put out there as human shields to parrot talking points that men have given them?  Or are they so genuinely filled with murderous hate that they honestly believe that declaring fatwahs on American citizens is appropriate and acceptable?  Which is it?  Are there men backstage pulling their make-me-talk strings because they know Matthews, Lauer, and the rest of broadcasting’s frat brothers won’t call them out because they’re women?  Or are they really that sick that they wake up in the morning thinking about who needs to die in America?

There is, of course, a third possibility.  And this is a phenomenon I have noticed among the women who consider themselves to be "Man’s Women".  They like guns and sports and liquor and poker.  They hate other women and always talk about how they’ve never gotten along with other women because they’re all so catty and they’d much rather hang out with men.  And then they turn around and do these wildly hateful and underhanded things to any women who come around.

Lades, you know this girl.  She’s always hanging out with your boyfriend’s friends.  She likes whatever it is that they like.  She can recite baseball statistics and parrot their opinions on all their favorite subjects.  And you can NOT trust her.  Every time you think you’ve gotten comfortable around her, she turns around and does something really cold.  You can’t believe it!

But you see, for her, everything is about staying in good with the boys.  And she will say and do anything to do that.  She will happily step right on your neck, twist herself into all kinds of absurd logical knots, and is virtually guaranteed to plant a knife in your back when you least expect it.  And that’s what I think is up with Mallkin, Coulter and the rest of these baby Defarges.  They think it makes the boys love them more when they say outrageous, hateful things.

Unfortunately, it also seems to make them a great deal of money, which means they probably won’t stop any time soon. 

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