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Week ending 7/1/06: 

Golly. I didn’t think Jason’s Week could be topped, but lo! it was. As Zengerle’s Folly was winding down, TNR’s Lee Siegel stepped up to the plate twice and swung (and missed) so mightily that he corkscrewed himself into the dirt.  And then there was Rush Limbaugh and his double bad, top secret prescription for woody pills. "Members" of the media calling for the summary execution of The New York Times’ Bill Keller.  The Right spinning faster than a particle accelerator after the Supremes’ Hamdan decision was handed down. Just another seven days in Mudville.

Matthew Yglesias led off by taunting Lee Siegel and his humorless, angry friend, Blog O’Fascism. Did you know that Kos wasn’t a political powerhouse by the time he was 9?!  That’s it, I’m cancelling my membership in the Townhouse Listserv.

Might you be a blogofascist?  Is there a rock you can buy that will ward them off? The Editors answer any lingering questions you might have about this terrifying trend.  (Oh, and whether hobbits and/or cowboys are gay.) I don’t know about you, but this rabid lamb is excited about getting fitted for her blogofascist uniform.

Not content to be a pompous git on just one subject, Mr. Siegel raises his Sabre of Irrelevancy and charges at . . . people who wear baseball caps indoors.  Help BooMan out:  come up with a new term for the likes of Lee.  Because frankly, "fatuous, bombastic pedant" isn’t cutting it any more.

So everyone’s sitting around, swapping baseball caps and having a laugh when Rush struts into the Miami airport, grabs his crotch and shouts "Mira!" Always sensitive to the feelings of others, Monsieur Wolcott chides his readers: "Men have needs, and if Viagra enables the little fella to jut proudly from the folds of the dragon kimono bequeathed to Rush by the late Allan Bloom, it is not for us to cast judgement."  I’m so ashamed.

Holden provides the odds on Rush’s next excellent adventure.  I’m putting $50 on methamphetamines/no jail time at 3 to 1. And if Bill Bennett’s saviour, Jesus, were a gambling man like Bill, he would, too. General J.C. Christian waves off any charges of hypocrisy levelled at Mr. Limpbal. . . sorry.  It’s habit.

Not content to let Rush hog all the air time, Melanie Morgan announces that Bill Keller should be sent to the gas chamber for publishing the SWIFT story. (And we’re the fascists?)  Athenae of First Draft goes all snicker-snee on the media’s collective ass for their complacency in the face of this latest attack on the First Amendment, Gavin M. at Sadly, No! questions the timing of the right-wing outrage at the Times’ publication of information that’s been available on the Internet for at least three years, and freshly recovered from getting his head nailed to the floor by Kos, Billmon distinguishes between good and bad treason.

Visibly rattled by the unexpected SCOTUS Hamdan decision, Bush puts his foot in his mouth at the Koizumi presser.  P O’Neill connects the dots, while Happy Furry Puppy‘s Norbizness enlists the assistance of certain snarky cartoon characters to interpret Hamdan.

Noted history buff Attaturk at Rising Hegemon pulls all of this together when he wonders what life would be like if 9/11 had happened on President Washington’s watch.

Elsewhere, the gang at Sadly, NO! is en fuego with a Michelle Malkin rap viddy.  Seeeeeeriously disturbing.

The newest stars in the literary firmament, World O’ Crap, invite us to witness a transvestite caged death match.  Because they can. 

And last, but hardly least, Chris from Creek Running North waxes poetical about one phallus-obsessed man named Goldstein.  T.S. Eliot would clutch his baseball cap proudly.

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