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Coulter = plagiarist

Graphic illustration: Mike Tidmus

Lord, if only this she-beast’s fish-wrapping book of plagiarism was selling as poorly as Mary Cheney‘s. It deserves to, because the NY Post, no lefty paper, is reporting on Ann’s paragraph-lifting ways.

John Barrie, the creator of a leading plagiarism-recognition system, claimed he found at least three instances of what he calls “textbook plagiarism” in the leggy blond pundit’s “Godless: the Church of Liberalism” after he ran the book’s text through the company’s digital iThenticate program.

He also says he discovered verbatim lifts in Coulter’s weekly column, which is syndicated to more than 100 newspapers, including the Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Sun-Sentinel and Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle.

Barrie, CEO of iParadigms, told The Post that one 25-word passage from the “Godless” chapter titled “The Holiest Sacrament: Abortion” appears to have been lifted nearly word for word from Planned Parenthood literature published at least 18 months before Coulter’s 281-page book was released.

Ron Brynaert at Raw Story and Rude Pundit (with more here) were all over this ages ago, but it’s nice to see more exposure of this fraudulent winger mouthpiece of bad taste.

* Blogenfreude: What If Coulter’s Publisher Had To Pull The Book?

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