Hugh Hewitt: America’s Worst Law Professorâ„¢

Inattention to detail is one of my virtues.
Actually, it’s my only virtue…

One would think that someone who is sincerely incensed over the NY Times story covering the SWIFT program would at least come on TV prepared to make his case:

KURTZ: Hugh Hewitt, you’ve been enormously critical of the “Times'” decision to publish this story. Do you believe that its editors and reporters should be prosecuted?

HUGH HEWITT, AUTHOR, “PAINTING THE MAP RED”: I don’t know enough to answer that question, because 18 USC 798 (ph) has a lot of elements to it, Howard. But I know this. Eric’s story helped terrorists elude capture. That’s what the outrage is about. That’s the widely shared opinion among people with intelligence background. It’s widely shared by soldiers in the field, as made evident on their blogs.

I would guess that in Hewitt’s classes just knowing that the statute exists is hard work enough without having to get into all those tricky details and subsections and that fancy-schmancy legal moonman language. Word on the street and assumptions…now that’s lawyering.

Chapman University Law School and Clown Academy must be so proud.

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