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Kate and I just came back from seeing Superman Returns. Enjoyed it a lot. A couple of impressions:

1) Singer was extremely reverent and faithful to the vision of the’78 Donner movie — pic of “father” Glenn Ford on the mantle of the Kent home; the opening titles and music, incorporation of Brando’s footage. It really helped with a sense of continuity.

2) It felt like Routh was channeling Chris Reeve when he was playing Clark Kent. He isn’t a ringer for him really, it was his voice and mannerisms — completely the same take on the portrayal. It was oddly comforting.

3) Kate Bosworth had to grow on me; I had a hard time warming to her Lois Lane, I also had a hard time with Margot Kidder in the role, so I guess I’m not sure who I would find an adequate Lois. The TV series Lois, Noel Neill, had a cameo here, btw, as did Jack Larson (Jimmy Olsen – he’s “family”).

4) Kevin Spacey was a good Lex Luthor. He also did a fair take on Gene Hackman’s Luthor.

That’s it for now — we’re out for the evening. Feel free to blogwhore and ramble continuously.

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