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FDL Late Nite: Single Women

So, after all the Obama drama this week, some people got to thinking. . .

If Karl Rove were going to run the Democratic Party, assuming, of course, he got an integrity transplant, what would he do to revive the party to its rightful majority status?

After Bush got his ass handed to him (before the Supreme Court wiped it up for him) in 2000, Karl looked at the results and said, "Boys, we did not get out the e-van-gelicals like we shoulda! We got to do something ’bout that!"  And so he did.  They ran the White House operation like a two bit wingnut welfare policy suckup shop, non-stop, with sidetrips to war profiteering and war crimes.

So, what should the Dems do, if you run that approach through the looking glass to come out the other side, back on the side of the angels?

Well, the biggest electoral strength of the Dems is single women.  But Dems like Obama think they should run for Karl Rove’s base.  Um, not.  We need to reach out to single women and get moving on their issues, on their terms.  They are consistently the most progressive consituency out there.  And this online community is uncommon in that it has gender balance, according to the blogads survey.

Don’t get me wrong:  I’d like to do more to reach out to other groups, but let’s use the discussion tonight to generate some ideas:  if the Dems were to reach out for real to single women, what should they do?  Be a consultant tonight.  Be creative.  Let’s see what the FDL community can come up with! 

Think big.  Think policy initiatives, like the opposite of a "Federal Marriage Amendment," something that would really energize single women and make them say, "THAT’s what I’m talking about!"

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