Shorter Michelle Malkin

We can dish it out but we can’t take it.

This would be the same Malkin who had no qualms publishing the names and phone numbers of students at UC Santa Cruz and then justified it because they could be easily discovered on the internet. That was done with the specific intent to harass. The Rumsfeld/Cheney story was part the weekend travel section which we all know is a prime source of intelligence for the Islamojihaditourista who want to get away for the weekend, maybe do a little antiquing, and impose Sharia on the locals right after Sunday brunch…

Actually I think that Malkin is coasting for the holiday weekend. Her last few posts have been about the travel story above, the Superman movie that she couldn’t sit through, and the “moonbats” who were out in front of Graceland when Bush visited..as if those “moonbats” looked any different than the usual salt-of-the-earth Elvis pilgrims making their mental hejira from Realityland to Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich-land.

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