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The Hamdan Decision Around the Web


The Hamdan decision (PDF) has stirred up quite a bit of legal scholarship and commentary around the web.  Thought everyone might be interested in taking a peek at some of this.  I’ll be reading and re-reading the Hamden opinion, concurrence and dissents and posting thoughts and analysis through the weekend as well – but a lot of this  analysis is first rate and worthy of some serious discussion and argument as well.  And I wanted to share it with everyone else.

— Here’s a transcript from CNN’s Lou Dobbs the evening of the Hamdan decision.

Glenn, as always, has some exceptional thoughts on the case.

— As do Jeralyn and Laywers, Guns and Money.

SCOTUSBlog has some fantastic analysis, and links to other legal scholarship and early thoughts on the case.

— ACSBlog has some great thoughts as well.  I particularly enjoyed this essay on the Hamdan/Youngstown framework.  Definitely gives you a lot to think about in that read.

— Further from the ACS website, I discovered this gem of a video of a recent discussion about the current SCOTUS and legal trends. 

— Regarding conditions at Gitmo, RawStory had a Salon excerpt yesterday that is worth a read — and I’ll link up the Salon story when I have time to find the link.  It seems that Gitmo interrogators may have received part of their training in a torture survival boot camp that the military sponsors for special forces and other special ops military training.  Boo yah.  (SIGH)  (Here’s the Salon story link on Gitmo interrogation/torture technique teaching — via a find by reader punaise, to whom I give much thanks.)

— On the Lehrer NewsHour yesterday, John Yoo was a bit testy — of course, if the Supreme Court publicly rebuked my legal reasoning skills, I might be a little testy, too.  There was further discussion with Marcia Coyle of the National Law Journal later in the broadcast that is also worth a read.

And that’s just a small slice of the discussion on this case.  I know some of the other legal beagles who read here have other favorite legal bookmark websites, so please share them in the comments below.  As I said, I’ll be doing much more on the case over the weekend as I digest the case and contemplate the precedents used and the possibilities for future legal and political applications — both for Presidential and Congressional actions, and citizen actions as well.

UPDATE:  Meant to link these up as well:

Digby on a genuine, American hero.

Billmon on the Hamdan decision.

— And Crooks and Liars has more on Checking the Decider.

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