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Here’s a Q of the Day: could you get by without air conditioning where you live/work?

Check out Shakes Sis’s post, The Air Conditioning Conundrum. Addressing global warming has to include a discussion on the impact of A/C. I posted this in the comments:

People do die down here when there’s no A/C.

Also, it’s not feasible not to have it when you’re dealing with computers. The productivity in the urbanized South would plummet during a good chunk of the year. If the A/C went out in my office building (and it has), computers get so hot that we have to shut down everything. How air-conditioning keeps changing the US.

When you’re dealing with 90%+ humidity and 90-plus degrees temps, the South comes to a standstill without A/C. That was OK back in the day, but I can’t see the region going A/C-free now.

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