Oh. My. Dear. God.

Why do I get the feeling that, at the divorce proceeedings, Mr. Pamela Atlas walked away without a penny, naked to the world, and that he was grateful for his freedom.

Jeebus. Her videos make Malkin’s Vent look like Ken Burn’s Baseball.

Well, almost.

I remember when MTV started up and bands that nobody had ever seen, but sounded realtively cool on the radio, suddenly collapsed because we saw what the guys in the band looked like and “Omigawd…they’re wearing clothes from the Mall of America rock n’ roll store. Eject! Eject! Non-fuctional headbands! Aiiee!” (I am speaking here of Loverboy, of course). That’s the inevitable result of the proliferation of v-logs which are popping up like Neil Bush’s herpes. Outside of their obvious ten-car pile-up charm, we can see that some people are ready for primetime…and most, with their stammering “uh’s” and digressions (Atlas) or awkward pauses, lame-ass jokes, and mallrat speech patterns (Malkin), are not.

The good news is that we can actually see that some of these people really are fucking loons.

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