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'Ex-gay' freakshow Cohen scares George Foreman on Kimmel's show

Big hat tips to Ex Gay Watch, The Malcontent and PageOneQ for covering this latest hilarity — the very public mental/professional breakdown of infamous “sexual reorientation specialist” Richard Cohen.

You know, this Richard Cohen (beating “the gay” out with bioenergetic therapy):

via Truth Wins Out.

He appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and made a complete ass out of himself, doing his little schtick with the tennis racket (only one whack, mind you, on the sofa cushion, not as entertainingly as he did on Paula Zahn’s show above).

The kicker is that fellow guest, George Foreman was so weirded out by Cohen’s ridiculous crap that it was a glory to see. He actually had the balls to ask Foreman to submit to his “cuddling therapy”.

via Ex Gay Watch

I almost had to avert my eyes from the video embarrassment. I think Cohen’s media whoredom has completely unraveled him.

By the way, Cohen claimed that he’s helped “hundreds” of people leave homosexuality in the sixteen years that he’s been practicing — with an astounding 85 percent success rate. Yeah, right.

Richard’s doing more to discredit the “ex-gay” movement than anything we could do on this end.


via Ex Gay Watch. View the whole video here.

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