Can’t lose for winnin’

Shades of grey

Oy. They just don’t know when they are beat:

Dennis Byrne makes an important point about today’s Supreme Court decision in favor of Osama bin Laden’s driver — the decision in no way supports the claim that the administration’s actions towards Hamdan and his fellow terrorists violated or disregarded the rule of law. As Byrne notes, there was no settled law regarding the issues raised by Hamdan’s lawyers. The Bush administration’s position had some support in the law, as did Hamdan’s position. In the end, Justice Kennedy sided with Hamdan’s position and given the current composition of the Court, that was enough. The fact that Justice Kennedy saw the matter differently than the Bush administration doesn’t make the administration lawless. But now that the Supreme Court has ruled, the administration must (and will) comply with that ruling.

So, you see, it’s not like George Bush so much lost as it is that he came in second first place which is like a tie except that someone else did slightly better but if you round it off you’ll see that it’s just the same as winning.

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