So it is written, so it will be ignored

As much as I appreciate the Supreme Court’s ruling on Guantanamo this morning, I don’t expect that we will see a chastened White House throwing open the gates and admitting that they are sorry. To do so would be a sign of weakness in The War on Terror, which is all they’ve got. I would expect that they have contingency plans (compliments of the Attorney Homunculous Alberto Gonzales) to shuffle the prisoners around for awhile…at least until George Bush is out of office leaving his faux tough guy protector-of-the-goobers image intact for his hagiographers. The Bush people are nothing if not experts at running out the clock.

The Supreme Court made him King and the King does not appreciate their interference from that point forward.

Glenn Greenwald goes into detail here. His counterpart on the right, Jeff Goldstein, will be along shortly to discuss the impact the decision will have on slapping terrorist prisoners in the face with the COCK OF AMERICAN FREEDOM. Or something like that. It depends on when the meds kick in.

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