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Since commenter North Dallas Thirty has managed to evade answering this question in two separate threads, perhaps someone can frame it in a way he can understand and answer. I’ll take one more crack at it:

Name a Republican who is likely to run in 2008 who would vote for, or legislate in favor of these gay rights initiatives:

* civil marriage or its equivalent, with all federal benefits that convey with marriage
* anti-discrimination measures, so that coming out doesn’t result in someone being fired
* the right to adopt and foster children

The crux of this issue is not whether any Dems, liberals, or “moonbats” will vote for this candidate, it’s whether the person running for office has an official position or even personal opinion on the above that demonstrates that they believe in equality. The Log Cabin Republicans have no problem articulating that the above issues are important to its constituency, so it’s intellectually dishonest to dodge answering the question.

Many people who have commented regularly on this blog on this issue have said that they would most certainly be willing to vote for a Republican candidate who would vote for the above measures over a “leave it to the states” Dem who is trying to suck up to the 700 Club set. For some Blenders, voting for a Republican is a fate worse than death, no matter their position on gay rights. I would expect a spectrum of beliefs on this, whereas NDT assumes all fall into the latter camp.

Anyway, it was rough, but I thought of a couple of pro-gay Republicans who have been chatted up at one point or another for ’08:

* Michael Bloomberg — though he won’t run (I don’t think)
* Rudy Giuliani — who knows if he will run

Aside from those two, who are considered RINOs within the GOP and would not pass muster with the far right. I can’t think of any other prospects, can you?

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