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Mitt Romney is an ass

“Who’s going to tell us what a civil right is and what’s not? Well, the people will.”
— Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, urging lawmakers to pass a proposed state marriage amendment

And this man wants to be president? Jeezus H. Christ. (SFGate):

Supporters have long cast same-sex marriage as a civil right that should not be subject to a popular vote, likening it to the desegregation battles of the 1950s and 1960s, where the courts played a central role in expanding rights for blacks.

Yet Romney, during a news conference attended by Cardinal Sean O’Malley and other religious and civil leaders, said that in a democracy, nothing is off-limits to voters, even the definition of civil rights.

“We have a Constitution. We can look in there and say, ‘Does it say here you can vote on matters unless someone can define them as civil rights?’ No,” said the Republican governor, a graduate of Harvard Law School who is mulling a presidential run in 2008. “It says you vote on all matters in this country and we’ll decide what is a civil right and what’s not. So, fundamentally, we come back to the principle that the people speak.”

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