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Love For Lieberman


Holy Joe is really pulling down the endorsements, eh?  Karl Rove’s going to bat for him and he has Hannity, O’Reilly, Coulter, and now…Crazy Ass Racist-Bitch (yes, TBogg coined that phrase).  In the proccess Malkin proves once again that whatever physical brain abnormality it is that makes authoritarian cultism seem rational and desirable should also preclude one from ever getting one’s hands on a video camera.  And she most certainly shouldn’t be stepping in front of one when the little red light is on.

The question needs to be asked — does Lieberman actually want these people going to bat for him?  He did pick up a union nod yesterday, but it lasts only until the primary (not until November — a big victory for Lamont) and to call it "half-hearted" would be too charitable.  Call it reluctant vig paid to Machine Boss Lieberman and file under "with friends like that…":

“I hope that after this is over we can get Joe Lieberman, all of us, even the ones that get along greatly with Joe, and beat the s- – – out of him,” said Ken Delacruz, Metal Trades union, quoted by WTNH, the local ABC affiliate.

And he was a Lieberman supporter. Paul Filson of the Service Employees International Union said Lieberman “supports the worst boss this country has ever had; George Bush.”

“I can go back to 1993 and say Joe Lieberman was not there on trade,” said William Rudis of the International Association of Machinists, quoted by the Hartford Courant. “We don’t need to be in Boston to spill the tea.”

Lieberman’s views, especially on Iraq, “will splatter our banner with the blood of innocent people,” said Bill Shortell, vice president of the Central Connecticut Labor Council. “No. No. We’ve got to go with Lamont.”

I can’t imagine how hard the party bosses had to whip their rank-and-files to get them to support a man who legitimizes one of the most anti-labor Presidents ever, but it looks like it was with extreme reluctance and many strings attached.  If Lieberman leaps into the arms of his right-wing paramours after the primary, it sounds like all bets are off.

Oh well.  He’ll always have Malkin… 

(Graphic by Jeff Q., who reminds us that somebody loves Holy Joe.)

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