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* The flag burning amendment goes down — by one vote. Suckaaas.

* Lars Clausen, author of Straight Into Gay America, is giving his book away free through A-Page-A-Day service that delivers it to your inbox. On July 18, he will participate with Soulforce in a Colorado Springs event to counter the anti-gay message of Daddy Dobson’s Focus On The Family.

* SLDN’s executive director, C. Dixon Osburn, will be a guest Thursday morning on Democracy Now (you can listen live at 8AM).

* Activist Eric Rofes has died.

* You want to help out Patty Wetterling, homobigot Michele Bachmann’s opponent? Patty is trying to raise $25,000 by June 30 to keep Minnesota’s answer to Marilyn Musgrave from going to Washington.

* “Ex-gay” and sidekick of Michele Bachmann, Janet Boynes will be setting up the first known “ex-gay” exhibit at a National Education Association meeting. Wayne Besen wants to counter her efforts by taking her on with Truth Wins Out. “This is part of an orchestrated effort on the part of the ex-gay ministries to target children. As a community, we have a clear choice to make: We can either sit on the sidelines and let the right wing mentally abuse kids or we can choose to take a stand and put a stop to this madness.”

* Blender Rick points to a Seed Magazine article (via Chris Glass) about “The Gay Animal Kingdom.” It covers the work of a transgendered scientist who is trying to change the view of Darwin’s sexual selection theory.

* You’ve got to read it to believe it, at ESPN: Manhood in the world of sports. (H/t, Dan).

* Zogby poll finds Tennessee voters support fairness for gays and lesbians. The numbers are positive: 59% of voters in the state agree that gays and lesbians should have the same rights under law as other Americans. Callie sent this one in, saying “This is an important piece of news since our own Dem. governor Phil Bredesen said that the anti-gay amendment will definitely pass it’s only a matter of whether it will be by 85% or 95% (a total ass!).”

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