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sHillary hires Daou as blog advisor

An interesting development, as sHillary tries to make inroads in the blogosphere, where she’s clearly in trouble in many circles.

Peter Daou, of The Daou Report over at Salon, is a peach and has been a big asset to the blogosphere. He’s also a major booster of smaller blogs whose voices are normally drowned out by the A-listers, and has shown great insight on the burgeoning, confusing and cantankerous relationships between blogs, the MSM, and the often clueless political establishment. A must-read of his on the matter is The Triangle: Limits of Blog Power. At least someone on her team is cooking with gas.

As you know all too well, I’m a huge critic of sHillary, and it’s clear that Peter’s got a long hard road ahead of him trying to convince anyone as “blog advisor to facilitate and expand her relationship with the netroots” that 1) sHillary’s a viable and legitimate Dem candidate progressives can back; and 2) that any self-respecting gay person in favor of full civil equality, for instance, would want to support her. She’s publicly shown us little except dodging and pandering to the dark side.

Of course the whole mission depends on the definition of what “netroots” is, no? Is PHB part of the netroots or way outside of it?

I wish Peter luck — sHillary needs all the help she can get.

I don’t know what all of this means for the blogosphere, but these upcoming election cycles are going to be case studies on the evolution of blog cooperation, co-opting and the attempt to maintain independent rabble-rousing when it comes to candidates.

Hat tip, Shakes Sis.

Also: check out The Dark Wraith‘s post, An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, at Big Brass Blog and The Dark Wraith Forums.

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