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We had a fabulous coffee this morning with the Indianapolis set — Fini Finito (who runs the Roots MySpace page), poputonian (who has an excellent post up at Digby’s), Twisted Martini and our very own *ilson, scourge o’ the trolls.  We met at the Abby downtown which was blissfully Wi-Fi’d and had much fun at Rush Limpbaugh’s expense (all were cheering Christy’s morning post , who dissects the situation like no other).

Tonight we’re headed for Pittsburgh and we’ll be at Drinking Liberally at 8:00 (traffic cooperating).  We’ll be at:

D’s  Dogs and Six-Packs
1118 South Braddock Ave
(Regent Square neighborhood)
Pittsburgh PA 15218
Phone 412-241-4666

If you’re in the area please come down and join us, we’ve been having an awfully good time on the trip meeting up with folks along the way so don’t be shy, the dogs are friendly and contrary to popular legend I don’t bite either.

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