Who knew the EIB Network meant Erection In a Bottle?

The worst on radio brings out the best of the blogs.


Rush should be urged to share his story with America. Here’s he is, an impotent, thrice divorced, ex-drug addict, conservative, parolee who went on a sex tour in the Caribbean and found himself rudely embarrassed for carrying recreational prescription drugs in his doctor’s name. Who can’t relate to that? This is a man who has been run through the mud and I think we would benefit from a thorough national conversation to try to understand Rush’s urgent need for sex in one of the most poverty stricken countries in the world. Wouldn’t he feel unburdened if he could share his thoughts with some of his staunch allies like James Dobson or Pat Robertson? Surely they’d be willing to hear his testimony.


As a shocked and grieved nation now knows, Rush Limbaugh was detained at the Palm Beach airport upon returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic. His offense: trying to smuggle potential erections through customs and security. A search of his luggage turned up a quantity of Viagra, or as those pills are known to those who gratefully pop them, “boner boosters.”

Now there is no shame in requiring wood enhancement. Men have needs, and if Viagra enables the little fella to jut proudly from the folds of the dragon kimono bequeathed to Rush by the late Allan Bloom, it is not for us to cast judgement. Some of my rude blog bretheren have rudely speculated as to why Rush needed to be toting a bottle of shock-and-awe erectile launchers around the sultry Caribbean isle. Some wonder what he was doing in the Dominican Republic in the first place.


Rush Limbaugh doesn’t learn. After all his trouble with his doctor shopping case, and his being under a deferred prosecution, he asks his doctors to put his viagra script in their name instead of his “for privacy purposes.” Today he was detained at the Palm Beach Airport for three hours when a search of his luggage uncovered them.

For privacy? That sure worked out well, didn’t it. Now, instead of just a pharmacist learning he takes the drug, the whole world knows.

Sniff. Kinda makes you glad to be an American.

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