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Government confirms surveillance of DADT and anti-war protests, emails

“Federal government agencies have no business peeping through the keyholes of Americans who choose to exercise their first amendment rights. Americans are guaranteed a fundamental right to free speech and free expression, and our country’s leaders should never be allowed to undermine those freedoms. Surveillance of private citizens must stop. It is the suppression of our constitutional rights, and not the practice of them, that undermines our national security. It is patently absurd that this administration has linked sexual orientation with terrorism.”

— Servicemembers Legal Defense Network’s Executive Director C. Dixon Osburn

It’s shameless and disgusting. A June 15 letter to attorneys for SLDN disclosed monitoring of protests against the Iraq conflict and DADT by the Pentagon — at SUNY Albany, N.J.’s William Paterson University, Southern Connecticut State University and the University of California at Berkeley — as well as electronic communications.

The documents released today indicate that emails sent by various student groups were intercepted and monitored by the government and that the government collected reports from seemingly undercover agents who attended at least one student protest at Southern Connecticut State University. None of the reports in the documentation, however, indicated any terrorist activity by the students who were monitored.

How’s that for Homeland Security?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding