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Did anyone see Petey at Chicago Pride yesterday?

I just came across a press release from Peter LaBarbera’s Illinois Family Institute, and he was planning to be on the prowl “investigating” deviance at Chicago Pride yesterday. He was disgusted by all of the corporate sponsorship, and again fixated on gay male sex acts, real, imagined, or fantasized.

He took a swipe at GOP gubernatorial candidate Judy Baar Topinka, drawing conclusions about the candidate based on the position of her float in the parade. Man, this queen is a nutcase.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Judy Baar Topinka’s float in today’s Chicago “Gay Pride” parade is scheduled to be just nine spots ahead of a float sponsored by the homosexual bathhouse called Steamworks, said Illinois Family Institute Executive Director Peter LaBarbera.

LaBarbera and Matt Barber of the group Americans for Truth will be attending the homosexual “pride” parade today as critical observers, to document the goings-on for future use. (Past parades have featured public nudity and other illegal and obscene behavior, tolerated by the watching police.) The two men will be available for media comment, “for those reporters who still recognize that there are two sides to controversial moral issues,” LaBarbera said.

… “No matter how many people attend today’s ‘gay pride’ parade, or how many corporations support it, homosexual practice always will be wrong,” LaBarbera said. Several major media companies such as WGN and the Chicago TV affiliates for ABC, NBC, CBS are fielding floats in the ‘Pride’ parade again this year. (NBC has also signed on as an official sponsor of the “Gay Games.”)

Barber said: “It is surreal and Orwellian that cultural elites would embrace this pagan tribute to a sexual sin, and that the media, who are supposed to be impartial observers on divisive social issues, would join along in the celebration.”

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