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Bush: 'I have said consistently that global warming is a serious problem'

He’s got to be f*cking kidding. How many times and ways has the man lied about this? (via Raw Story):

(AFP/File/Stephen Jaffe)

QUESTION: I know you are not planning to see Al Gore’s new movie, but do you agree with the premise that global warming is a real and significant threat to the planet —

BUSH: I think it’s — I have said consistently that global warming is a serious problem. There’s a debate over where it’s man-made or naturally caused. We ought to get beyond that debate and start implementing that — the technologies necessary to — to enable us to achieve a couple of big objectives: one, be good stewards of the environment; two, become less dependent on foreign sources of oil, for economic reasons and for national security reasons.

That’s why we’re pressing for clean coal technology. That’s why the hydrogen initiative is — is robust. In other words, we want our children being able to drive cars not fueled by gasoline but by hydrogen. That’s why I’ve been a strong advocate of ethanol as an alternative source of — of fuel to run our cars.

I strongly believe that we ought to be developing, you know, safe nuclear power. The truth of the matter is, if this country was — it wants to get rid of its greenhouse gases, we got to have nuclear power industry be vibrant and viable.

And so I believe in — and I’ve got a plan to be able to deal with greenhouse gases.

Does this mean that he disagrees with his friends at the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute, the batsh*t outfit that produced two 60-second television commercials that extolled the virtues of pumping CO2 into the air (see the incredible Energy” ad). CEI says:

“The campaign to limit carbon dioxide emissions is the single most important regulatory issue today,” says Marlo Lewis, a CEI senior fellow in environmental policy. “Claims of looming climate disaster due to energy use are unfounded; our ad campaign is a call for balance in public discussions of global warming.”

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