You know? Shakespeare?

Pissed he didn’t write Scenes From A Mall

My favorite post of the day comes from Roger L. Simon the manwhocreatedmoseswine who, in a post on John Murtha makes a snippy remark because, you know, Murtha isn’t all cultured and shit like Roger:

Well, okay, John, “it is so, if you think so,” as Pirandello once said [hint to Murtha: that’s a deceased Italian playwright]. But reading the Congressman’s latest made me wonder why he would say something so obviously asinine.

And speaking of asses:

So my suggestion is we start to ignore Mr. Murtha. He will do either of two things: 1. Go away. 2. Become even more outrageous to get our attention and get voted out of office in the process. Failing these, we can always “fix an ass’s head” on him like Lysander (scratch that – Bottom) in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

You’ll note that one of his commenters had to point out to him that he got Lysander wrong.

Hint to Roger: “Oh, I am fortune’s fool!”

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