Projection: It’s all the rage…

They’re mad I tell you…mad

Hey Kids! Get in on the ground floor as the latest craze, nicknaming Congressman John Murtha, gets under way, Courtesy of John “You Stupid Asshole” Hinderaker, John Murtha is now…Mad Jack.

Mad Jack Murtha is one of the most disgraceful members of Congress, in a class with William Jefferson, Cynthia McKinney and Maxine Waters.

Hmmmm. Jefferson, McKinney, Waters. No “Duke” Cunningham, no Bill Janklow, no Bob Ney, no Jerry Lewis, no Don Sherwood. Hmmm. I wonder why? You would think he would spell it out in black and white. I guess he’s cool with bribery, conspiracy, manslaughter, and assault. And I didn’t even mention Tom DeLay.

Oh well, back to Mad Jack. Here is The Absurd Report:

If you would like to help send Mad Jack Murtha into a much-needed retirement, consider contributing to his Republican opponent, Diana Irey

Common Sense and Wonder:

The column tracks the points we’ve been making here about Mad Jack Murtha’s proposed “redeployment” of the American forces in Iraq to Okinawa, but Kelly makes these points with a special gusto.

…and a variation on the theme from The Strata-Sphere:

Surrender on the brink of final, lasting success is all you need to know about Mad Murtha – and his fat backside is all you will see if you are in a battle with him as he retreats at warp speed to the rear.

Madness takes it toll…

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