Everything WWII is new again
Gives Malkin ladywood (Click to enlarge)

Decked out in the latest in pundit wear (“Hmmmm. Wearing the tank is bit underdressed, but if I don’t wear the hat backwards people will know that I should be taken seriously“) Michelle Malkin advocates the return of The World War II Loose Lips campaign advising people not to say anything that might tip off the enemy that they are winning the war and our President is a chimp. Malkin seems particularly taken with the Private Snafu cartoons,which is a good thing for her readers since reading and translating “words” into “crazy head pictures” is exhausting work; cartoons cut out the middleman. Of course, when Malkin starts feeling nostalgic for WWII we can think of a few other things she is also thinking about (as evidenced by the screenshot above).

Also, for those who didn’t get the MalkinMemo, the WarWord of the Week is: “blabbermouth“, to be added to “unhinged“, “moonbat“, “boo-freaking-hoo“, and “wah-bulance” and should be giddily repeated over and over and over again just like a three year-old who has just learned to say “poopy”.

And please use your ‘inside’ voice.

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