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Ken Blackwell is a vile individual

Fundie butt-kissing homo-bigot Ohio Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor, Ken Blackwell, is a shameless man who Bush and his stooges point to as one of their up and coming stars in the GOP. The list of this man’s sucktitudinous asshattery, acts of fealty to the Bush and bible-beater machinery, and all-around evil perpetuated on the voters of the Buckeye state is a mile long.

The Cincinnati Enquirer takes a look at Blackwell’s new “book”, Rebuilding America: A Prescription for Creating Strong Families, Building the Wealth of Working People, and Ending Welfare , that puts his wingnut political views down on paper. A couple of outrageous claims he makes in his fish-wrapping tome is that the spread of HIV/AIDS in minority communities is due to “the social agenda of liberals,” and that abortion rights will lead to the genocide of blacks.

The sexual agenda promoted by the political Left has allowed AIDS to reach epidemic proportions in African-American communities. We do not believe that liberals have ever had a conscious agenda to cause black genocide in America. Instead, our concern is that liberal policies regarding abortion and sexual freedom have had unintended genocidal consequences for African-Americans. … If abortions were being supported by conservative Republicans instead of by liberal Democrats, African-Americans would be loudly arguing that the true goal of abortion was to eliminate the African-American race from the United States through attrition.”

Did I mention that Blackwell’s book is put out by Cumberland House Publishing, that release the bullsh*t-filled, “Unfit for Command,” the alleged expose of John Kerry’s war record? Bonus points added because Ken’s “co-author” is Jerome R. Corsi, who also co-penned Unfit.

Rebuilding America is currently rated 1.5 stars on Amazon, and is ranked 274,497. You have to see some of the scorching reviews. Just a couple, for your entertainment.

When I heard J. Kenneth Blackwell would be writing a book I was most excited. As a family values conservative I was also pleased to hear Jerome Corsi would also be working with him after his most accurate statements about John Kerry while blogging on a conservative website. Unfortunately, upon receiving my advanced copy I was unable to actually read this masterpiece as it wasn’t printed on the right weight of paper.

“The truth is that Blackwell is tied to everything that is wrong in Ohio, taking money from Tom Noe and Coingate, his inability to run a fair election in 2004 and 2006, and his repeated snafus with publishing Ohio residents’ private data (social security number and more) on the state website.”

If you’ve read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s well-researched Rolling Stone article, Was the 2004 Election Stolen? , it outlines the direct role Ken Blackwell played in tossing the election to Bush in 2004. The secretary of state disenfranchised thousands upon thousands of voters with registration hurdles, law-breaking, and simply not putting enough machines to accommodate voters in select strong Democrat areas.

I’ve posted this excerpt before but this is one of the many, many documented examples of voting gone awry, due to The Blackwell Factor:

Take the case of Ellen Connally, a Democrat who lost her race for chief justice of the state Supreme Court. When the ballots were counted, Kerry should have drawn far more votes than Connally — a liberal black judge who supports gay rights and campaigned on a shoestring budget. And that’s exactly what happened statewide: Kerry tallied 667,000 more votes for president than Connally did for chief justice, outpolling her by a margin of thirty-two percent. Yet in these twelve off-the-radar counties, Connally somehow managed to outperform the best-funded Democrat in history, thumping Kerry by a grand total of 19,621 votes — a margin of ten percent.(181) The Conyers report — recognizing that thousands of rural Bush voters were unlikely to have backed a gay-friendly black judge roundly rejected in Democratic precincts — suggests that ”thousands of votes for Senator Kerry were lost.”(182)

[Rep. Dennis] Kucinich, a veteran of elections in the state, puts it even more bluntly. ”Down-ticket candidates shouldn’t outperform presidential candidates like that,” he says. ”That just doesn’t happen. The question is: Where did the votes for Kerry go?”

…In Auglaize County, where Kerry lost not only to Connally but to two other defeated Democratic judicial candidates, voters cast their ballots on touch-screen machines. (187) Two weeks before the election, an employee of ES&S;, the company that manufactures the machines, was observed by a local election official making an unauthorized log-in to the central computer used to compile election results.

Blackwell gets a cookie for lovingly bedding down with the fringe element in Ohio, earning the support of anti-gay Talibangelist Rod Parsley of Reformation Ohio and Russell Johnson, founder of the Ohio Restoration Project and the Patriot Pastors movement.

The IRS, incidentally, has been asked to investigate Johnson and Parsley to determine whether their groups have engaged in illegal partisan political activity (much on Blackwell’s behalf) that would violate their tax-exempt status.

Hat tip, Holly.

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