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Cheney on the homobigot fundraising trail

Why does Dick Cheney spit on his daughter’s life partner relationship? The Dark Lord has no problem going on on the campaign trail to raise buxxx for the on-the-record supporters of a federal amendment to prevent Mary and Heather Poe from ever being able to marry.

Tomorrow, Mr. Defibrillator will appear at a swank fundraiser for vicious anti-gay Minnesota State Senator Michele Bachmann, who is running for Congress (MN’s 6th District). Guests will pony up $250 per person for the general reception or drop $1,000 to attend a “more intimate reception” at the Minneapolis fete for bigotry. Bachmann has been pushing a state marriage amendment (which didn’t make it to the MN Senate floor for debate) with a vigor that suggests an obsession with all things homosexual.

On Friday, Darth filled the coffers of anti-gay GOP House candidate Dave McSweeney, who’s looking to represent Illinois’ 8th congressional district. He’s trying to unseat Democratic Rep. Melissa Bean, who has a strong lead the war chest department. McSweeney, no surprise, is also a supporter of the Marriage Protection Amendment. Darth got up and said this about the candidate:

I’m delighted to join you in giving strong support to Dave in his campaign for Congress. He has deep roots in this part of the country. He’s a person who clearly speaks with conviction. He’s an active citizen, a common-sense conservative. And he knows the issues, he understands the needs of the eighth district, and he’s perfectly in tune with the values of the people who live here.

…The President and I have tremendous confidence in Dave. Send him to Washington and you’ll have a congressman who speaks for your interests and your values each and every day.

At this event, tickets for the McSweeney fundraiser were $250, with pictures with the Dark Lord going for $2,100. The GOP was hoping to raise $200K.

What pray tell, does Darth say to Mary as he slaps these winger folks on the back, having a rip-roaring time, helping the very people who will vote to make her a second-class citizen if elected? For that matter, what do you think goes through Heather’s mind as she watches this family psychopathology play out?

Michael Petrelis notes:

Hey Dick, what does it feel like to cut your occasionally pro-lesbian conscience to suit this year’s homophobic GOP congressional fashions?

And I have a question for Mary: Why do you suffer laryngitis when your father stumps and raises money for Republican candidates who endorse bigotry against you and Heather?


UPDATE: A conservative Minnesota blogger, Craig Westover, can’t seem to understand why I find Cheney’s behavior reprehensible in the extreme. He quotes my above post and then says I lack “compassion”.

This is a prime example of what the hard left Bachmann-haters (as opposed to those that politically disagree with her) don’t get — people with a common set of objective principles can disagree on issues, debate issues internally, put issues in context and don’t have to resort to name-calling and misrepresentation to make their points. In fact, unlike those that rely on “bullsh*t” to create an impression, those interested in truth strive to accurately understand and represent what their opponents believe. It’s impossible to have a discussion or move toward the truth without doing so.

Exactly what is the truth? The continuous demonization of LGBT taxpaying citizens by politicians who are attempting to legislate us into second class citizens? The real lack of compassion rests with the religious right, which cannot seem to grasp the concept that their religious beliefs have no place in these matters, and that their behavior, when translated into laws against fellow citizens bears little resemblance to anything remotely resembling compassion.

Eva at Dump Michele Bachmann encourages Blenders to politely respond articulately and civilly there.

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