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FDL Late Nite: Bring on the Culture “War”

Culture "War?"  Fought by "rabid lambs?"  The horror!  (I’ll bet darkblack is already on the case.)

Okay, I admit, "war" metaphors are waaaay overdone, and actually, total bullshit.  Here’s one from the recent archives, for example.  And here’s a great new piece that could function as a companion to it.  Check it out.

Matt Stoller is pissed off at how the DC insider weenies think Jon Stewart is corrupting our youth.  Seems the youngn’s have the nerve now to be well informed and to vote in greater numbers, rather than simply trust their elders.  He’s even got some blogger ethics panel questions for Richard Moron Morin, with helpful contact data for our old friend, Deb Howell.

The only rational response to Bobo tonight is "BWAAHAAAHAAA!"  Seriously, this is funny. You call that snark? What a pissant chickenhawk.  For the record, this is what snark looks like (also this).  If Brooks ever had to start out by competing as a blogger, he’d never have made it.  If I were the Times, I’d try to hide him behind a firewall, too.  So embarrassing (assuming the Times retains the capacity for embarrassment. . . quite the leap, I’ll grant you).

You have to see this picture, sent to me by FDL community member Philo, courtesy of this site.  Feel free to pass it around.

This has been a banner week for progressive family values on display here at FDL, the subject of our Late Nite column last Saturday.  We’re building a progressive community here unlike any I’ve seen anywhere on the web.  And yet, we’re just part of a more broad cultural movement.  Any sustainable political movement derives its power from a more basic cultural movement.  Some other time, I may write in more depth of what I think may be happening culturally, but tonight, you can offer your own ideas here in the discussion thread.

This is not an entirely new cultural movement.  In many ways, it’s the same one that produced tonight’s musical video, taken from D. A. Pennebaker’s documentary Don’t Look Back.  I’m not a baby boomer, so this is not my youthful memory, but it is part of our cultural history.  What’s old is new again.  Same bullshit, same criminals, different era.

It’s interesting to see how, after forty years, so many boomers have become what they derided and despised in their youth (was Bobo ever young?).  It’s even more interesting to see how many grey hairs (highly visible at YearlyKos) are part of a movement that includes so many younger people, like those who get their news from The Daily Show.  This time around, the cultural movement is not so much a youth movement as it is a values movement.  Well, when it comes to the culture "war," I say bring it on.  Pat Buchanan can kiss my gay latino ass.  We have a planet to save.

I want to highlight some really good work from some FDL community members:  check out the new blog SchumerWatch.  This is a blog put together by New York progressives to keep an eye on what our friend Chuck Schumer is up to.  They have some dots people may want to connect on Chuck and his telecommunications backers, now that the net neutrality fight is heating up.  They met through the Roots Project

I’m highlighting their work because local blogs like this are sorely needed all over the country (and because Markos told me to).  Personally, I like the model of [InsertName]Watch blogs for members of any party, done by progressives.  Think about how effective the Connecticut blogs have been in highlighting Joe Lieberman’s many betrayals and Ned Lamont’s virtues.  Ned’s grassroots effort could not have succeeded without Connecticut’s local blog infrastructure, and if you’d like to see change in your state, start building your online infrastructure back home.  This is a great community at FDL, but local blogs are the future.  Don’t get too fixated on the sites with national audiences.  Join the Roots Project to find people who might be willing to take on a local group blog project with you.  

Joining a local network of progressives is a way to make friends and build a values-based "family" like the one taking off here at FDL.  That’s how we promote both cultural and political change.  Other agents of cultural change include Drinking Liberally and Laughing Liberally.

I hope you enjoy tonight’s musical selection.  For the comments, what if any cultural change do you think is going on?  What do you see happening out there, or around here. . . above and beyond the dinosaur-eyeing-the-meteor obsolescence of David "Bobo" Brooks? 

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