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Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is the kindest, bravest, warmest,
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I just finished getting caught up on all the posts and links and assorted effluvia regarding the TNR/Kos brouhaha in which, to borrow from Yo La Tengo, nothing turned itself inside out to reveal …nothing. Aside from a cameo appearance by Marty Peretz (in the role of the pissy captain of the Titanic admiring the ice cubes in his drink) the highlight has to be the Lee Siegel “blogofascism” post that is long on set-up and short on payoff. Some people don’t work well under pressure, I suppose. The lowlight, of course, is when a Bobo deigns to walk among the hoi polloi on a fifteen-minute anthropological expedition into the fetid backwaters of the blog jungle, make a few notes, and then heads back to the veranda for a quick de-lousing, cocktails, and dictation to the scrivener.

Anyway, the benign presence of Professor Reynolds provides a list of links to the K-list goobers who have contributed their usual assorted grunts and guttural clicks on the topic, as best they understand it. I assume that they will have since run into the “TV room” proclaiming, “I got an Instapundit link!“. Their wives will be unimpressed and will go back to watching Wife Swap and the promise of a celebratory blow job will have, once again, withered upon the vine.

Sic transit gloria mundi

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