The suprise return of I Don’t Like the Drugs But The Drugs Like Me

Regarding the Heritage Foundation/24 Fan Boy Convention (see below), a strung-out Rush Limbaugh does improv:

Limbaugh peppered the panel over whether “24” influences public perceptions about counterterrorism, and whether the actors are snubbed by Hollywood liberals for participating in what Limbaugh called a “pro-America show.”

Gregory Itzin, who plays the nefarious President Charles Logan, said he has had to defend himself from one or two people “about the fact that the show does have torture issues and how could I live with that.”

“It’s a show!” he said. “I’ve done Shakespeare and have killed people with a sword.”

Later, Limbaugh went back to the program’s creation, saying: “You got lucky with 9/11 happening shortly after the show started.” He quickly stopped himself, saying: “Sorry – not got lucky – bad choice of words.” At another point, he offered a story line for a political cameo: Democratic Rep. John P. Murtha of Pennsylvania, a tough critic of the Bush administration’s Iraq policy, as “head of the new KGB.”

Rush knows that the only person that “got lucky” on 9/11 was George W. Bush whose presidency was already faltering. Who knew that doing a poor job by ignoring your paperwork would turn put to be a good career move?

And I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that, at the time that John Murtha was serving in Viet Nam, Rusty couldn’t go because he hadn’t learn how to wipe his ass yet.

No wonder he became a stoner…

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