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Marcavage's Philly fundie freakshow

Tireless bible beater and head of Repent America, Michael Marcavage is, according to AgapePress, bleating about being harassed by a “lawless mob” of homosexuals at Philadelphia’s Pride parade on June 11.

He claims that they were interrupting his(lame) proselytizing at the event, even accusing people of threatening him with physical violence in front of the Philly PD. His complaint:

Repent America continues to endure the lawless behavior of militant homosexuals. On June 11, during Philly Pride’s annual homosexual pride parade and festival, Philadelphia police, once again, disregarded Pennsylvania’s harassment and stalking statute and allowed a militant mob of homosexuals to block, scream profanities, and make threats of physical harm against RA.

If you look at the video (on the RA site), you will see gay folks marching peacefully, and one guy with a bullhorn telling Marcavage to go home, tossing out a few cuss words, and Marcavage preaching (unimpeded), “There is freedom from homosexual behavior” to the crowd as well as this:

“You don’t get to heaven by being a good person. You don’t get to heaven by doing good things. We have all violated God’s law, and the only hope we have is found in Jesus Christ.

In the piece at Don Wildmon’s “news organ,” he sees a conspiracy afoot in the police department:

“The Philadelphia police are not enforcing the law when it comes to harassment, when it comes to disorderly conduct — and, especially at the Pride Parade and Festival, we see floats that have obscene things taking place on them,” says Marcavage. “So they’re not even enforcing the open lewdness statute here in the state of Pennsylvania.”

The Philadelphia Police Department, he adds, is seemingly “turning a blind eye to whatever the homosexual groups are doing.”

You can read more about “Jesus Geek Superstar” in a Philly City Paper. A pithy Marcavage quote from it:

“There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who want to hear what I have to say,” he says. “I think that’s just God’s design for me.”

“The Bible is in its entirety truth. It speaks to all issues we could encounter.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding