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'Homosexual agenda' = Nazi agenda

This asshat victim mentality by the religious right goes completely over the sanity line with this piece by Joseph A. D’Agostino, Homofascists March On, posted at The Population Research Institute. To say that it’s offensive is an understatement.

When Nazis are talked about today, there is usually no mention of certain of their prominent aspects. Of course, those aspects which don?’t fit into the politically correct view of history are those which get no mention.

So you rarely hear of the Nazis? push for eugenic abortion, for euthanasia of the unfit (i.e., the disabled, sick, or dying), or their persecution of the Catholic Church. You are even less likely to hear of the prominent role that homosexuality and a hyper-masculine homosexualist ideology played in the early days of the Nazi Party until Hitler purged the most flamboyant of those elements, perhaps to prevent average Germans from turning away from the newly successful fascists.

OK, we all know that there is a possibility that Hitler was gay (stormtrooper commander Ernst R??hm certainly was), and that a closeted pathology combined with megalomania almost ensures one f*cked up individual.

But we know that’s not where D?’Agostino is taking this — it’s all about making all homos megalomaniacs, and that somehow, gays have managed hijack both the culture and the government (that’s news to me!) and is successfully hammering his flavor of extremist “Christianity” into submission, crushing lives, destroying the ability for true believers to procreate.

Some of that spirit lives on and is growing. Today?’s homosexual ?rights? activists are determined to impose upon Western society a neo-paganism that is anti-life, anti-family, and anti-religious, and they actively seek to punish those who disagree.

Obviously, homosexuality is opposed to the propagation of new human life, and the huge campaign in favor of it we now experience comes at a time when birthrates have already fallen below replacement in almost every Western country. In fact, as early as the 1960s, Planned Parenthood listed the encouragement of homosexuality as one of the methods for reducing human populations. And male homosexual behavior spreads AIDS, which increases the death rate.

It may be illegal to say such things in the near future.

He goes on to list “evidence” of how their right to express their religious beliefs in the public sphere is being attacked. One example.

On April 26, students at Midway High School in Wilmington, N.C. participated in the Day of Silence that homosexualists promote in the schools each year. They handed out flyers and remained silent for the day while the school condoned the activity. Yet the next day, which Christian activists call the Day of Truth, students were suspended for distributing cards that were pro-traditional morality. “Apparently, religion is not allowed in Sampson County schools unless the belief system in question supports the homosexual agenda,” said Alliance Defense Fund Senior Legal Counsel David Cortman. “Public schools are open to the public, and that includes Christian families, too, who pay taxes and have the right to send their children to public schools without facing viewpoint discrimination.”

Uh, no, you knobend. A tolerance program in support of gay students in school doesn’t equal a religious declaration — unless, of course, D’Agostino would like us to start up the “Church of the Queer” so we can be entitled to bleat about religious intolerance of some sort. The whole point of the “Day of Truth” was to express an opposition to homosexuality (and by extension, condoning intolerance of openly gay students) from a Christian perspective.

Cripe — this is why you cannot reason with these zealots.

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