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Colorado Catholics instructed to support anti-gay measures

“If same-sex marriage is legalized here, churches that refuse to perform these ‘weddings’ could lose their tax-exempt status…Any religious teaching which condemns homosexual acts (would be) considered hate speech and is punishable by imprisonment. This reduces the Christian view of marriage and sexuality to bigotry.”

— Colorado Springs Bishop Michael Sheridan in the diocesan paper, The Colorado Catholic Herald

Papa Ratzi’s men in Daddy Dobson land are right on top of matters, ordering the sheeple to collect signatures to ensure that a state constitutional to ban SSM and a measure to block benefits to same-sex couples make it on the ballot.

According to, the state has about 370K Catholics and they need 68K by August 7 to get them on the ballot. The bishops have been told to publicly speak out in favor of the measures.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput said that petitions on the two gay issues and a third on abortion are to be made available in every parish in the state.

“If these important measures do not get on the ballot in November, we will have failed to add to our state laws a strong message of respect for our families and new life,” Chaput wrote in the Denver Catholic Register.

Under Chaput’s instruction bishops in the state will read pastoral letters or write columns in area Catholic papers in support of the proposed amendments.

If the petition efforts succeed, it’s likely that an amendment will pass, but that the ban on couple benefits would fail.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding