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Bush Approval Map: June 2006 Edition

It’s time to check out the Bush (Dis)Approval Map for June. Assuming that you’ll be able to see the picture below, since my graphics don’t seem to be appearing in my posts anymore (Pam, what’s up with that?). If not, just click here.

My home state of Idaho leads the nation in Bushlove, jumping up to double digits of net support. Five states became Bush-positive, compared to only three last month. Bush saw gains in nearly every state this month (but not frosty Vermont, which remains the biggest Bushhater at -49%). It’s amazing what demonizing the invading brown horde from Mexico, getting Karl Rove off the hot seat, and bombing al-Zarqawi into oblivion can do to mobilize Chimpy’s base.

All that pandering raised Bush’s nationwide disapproval from -31% to -23%. C’mon, Karl, gotta do better than that. Start screaming about the gay adoptions, the flag burners, and the Ten Commandments; that oughta get you in the negative teens. Throw in a few orange terror alerts and the surprise October capture of bin Laden and you’ll have the Congress sewn up again for the lame duck years.

Some folks note that the blue Bushmap doesn’t mean those states like Democrats. Indeed, maybe they hate Bush because he’s not wingnut enough. So no matter how blue this map gets, I’m not holding my breath that we’ll get control of the House or Senate in the fall. Besides, there are Diebold voting machines everywhere now… the winners have already been programmed.

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