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Baptist pastor: stop using 'Gay'

Poor William Gay of Washington, NC. The retired pastor is so upset that homos have “stolen” the word “gay,” that he submitted a motion at the recent Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) annual meeting to prevent his fellow pastors from using it (via Good As You):

Stop using the word “gay” when referring to homosexuals in sermons, publications and the media. The motion, presented by retired pastor William Gay of Washington, N.C., also asked other pastors to stop referring to homosexuals as “gay” in their sermons and publications.”

Allan Blume, chairman of the convention’s order-of-business committee rejected it, saying the motion was not in order — “it is beyond the scope of the convention’s authority to direct churches to use a specific vocabulary.”

Perhaps Gay should look into a name change if this is tormenting him so much.

H/t, PageOneQ

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